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Save Space with Bunk Beds

Many people love bunk beds because it allows space for two or more people to sleep in the same room while maximizing available floor activities.  They are fun to use at bedtime and while sleep over’s with your friends and siblings, since there is an addition of a bed.  A bunk bed can be suitable for use in houses or rooms that have limited spaces such as on ships, in halls or hostels. Some of these beds come with extra storage spaces such as side drawers and desks that one can use for study. For people who do not have a clear picture of how a bunk bed looks like might be curious to know about its features.

A bunk bed normally has four pillars that support it. All these pillars are placed at each corner of the bed. Some people might prefer to have a small ladder for accessing the upper bed. These beds usually have a side grill support so as to prevent the person sleeping on the upper bed from falling over.  The beds can come in different models, materials, shapes, and sizes.

Different Models of Bunk Beds

There are different ranges of bunk beds that are made from different materials and in different shapes.  Some of the ranges of the bunk bed are the single timber bunk bed, L-shaped bunk bed, bunk bed with bunk under storage, loft and study bunk bed, trio bunk bed and finally, the timber and metal bunk bed.  The single timber bunk bed comes in two colors, which are mainly white and brown.  The pricing of this type of bunk bed ranges from 500 US dollars and above. The material which is used to make the bed is hardwood or plywood.  One of the main advantages of this model of the bunk bed is the fact that it can be separated into two beds, and it can be cleaned with a damp or dry cloth.  The ladder for getting to the upper bed is normally reversible.  The L-shaped bunk bed comes in oak or charcoal colors, can accommodate standard sized mattresses, and has one low single bed that comes along with about three chest drawers.  The pricing for this type of bunk bed ranges from 700 US dollars.

Bunk bed with bunk under storage has under bed drawers and is constructed by use of both timber and hardwood materials. The price range for this type of bunk bed ranges from 1200 US dollars. Loft and study bunk bed comes with a roll out desk and a bookcase. All these types of bunk beds can be purchased online, and shipping is usually done between 5 to 10 working days.  The beds meet international quality standards and are flat packaged for easy assembly.

Advantages of Bunk Beds

A bunk bed has many advantages to it.  One of the main advantages is space saving. If you have a lot of people or children that you’re living with, bunk beds become of main use. They are also cheaper to buy than the normal beds.  This is because one does not require buying many headboards or bed bases during construction of the bunk bed.