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The Latest Addition to Oral Hygiene

How many times has your dentist advised you on the ‘right way’ to brush your teeth? How many times have you wondered whether you are doing it right? All those mornings you have spent in brushing, rinsing, gargling and flossing, you must have wondered if all this is actually helping, or perhaps, there should be a tried and tested method to keep your pearly whites spotless? The modern-day electric toothbrush is the answer to all your queries and brushes its way through most of oral hygiene dilemmas.

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The Buzzing Beauty

There are many companies which have recently launched the electric toothbrush that promises to make mornings simple for people. It promises a deep clean and complete care of your mouth; something that conventional toothbrush cannot. Moreover, it comes with a specially formulated nano toothbrush that helps to take care of all those plaque and tooth decay problems. It is also known to be absolutely gentle, using just the right kind of pressure.

But in an age where oral hygiene has had people wearing crowns, braces and tooth implants, how much safety is possible? Well, right from sensitive gums to teeth to fittings, these toothbrushes guarantee to go gently on the cleaning; however, not compromising on the results, nevertheless.

They especially focus on the hard-to-reach areas and destroy bacteria within the teeth, deep in the tissues and gum pockets providing motionless and gentle cleaning. Along with providing convenience, it provides 96 million ultrasonic oscillations per minute, known to make the daily brushing schedule so much more effective, time-saving and efficient. Furthermore, continued usage of the electric toothbrush over a prolonged period of time is known to result in a life-long preservation of dental health. The bone structure which supports our teeth is a crucial cause of tooth loss for people over the age of 65 years (also known as periodontitis). However, it is known to take care of this by providing the right hygiene and thus, promising results. As an add-on, it promises to give you gleaming white teeth and healthy gums.

Many tooth-related problems vanish at old age when you start taking care of your set right from the beginning. However, everyday brushing, sometimes even two times is not adequate to ensure this; the only reason being that we are not well accustomed to the areas and corners that are bacteria prone and require attention.

These toothbrushes simply require a minute or two of your time to make your sparkling whites, even shinier. Thus, it is said to ensure that your set has a long life, it is essential to give them a thorough clean every day and not just when you visit your dentist. Well, with this small magic wonder, it is good enough to say that you have your very own personal dentist in your house, every day.

The Future of Toothbrushes and Dental Care

Along with automatic toothbrushes, plague-removing toothpastes, chargers for the brushes, and kid-friendly toothbrushes are the latest additions in the segment.  Flavoured and colourful toothbrushes and pastes are attracting the little ones.

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How to Prepare Your Family for Health Emergencies

Does everyone in your family know the contact numbers of any late night medical centre Brisbane has today? Are they aware of where to find your medical records or your life-saving medications in your home? Have you discussed what to do when you or a loved one has to be put on life support? How prepared are you and your family members for health emergencies? Don’t wait for a life-and-death experience before you take the necessary steps to prepare for any situation.

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The most basic step is to have a first aid kit and a copy of everyone’s medical records in your home and car. Another easy task is to make sure everybody (including all caregivers such as school nurses, teachers, babysitters, and relatives) knows who to call in case of emergencies. You can prepare a list of contact information which includes your local police and fire department, your late night medical centre Brisbane clinic, trusted relatives or friends, and other important numbers. Place this list near the common phone in your home and make sure these numbers are also added to every family member’s mobile phone. It is also a big help if you take courses that teach first aid and emergency/disaster response. Also, sit down, discuss, and practise how you should respond in case of emergencies.

Medical experts also suggest identifying which health facilities in your area are ideal to contact or go to. There might be instances when your late night medical centre Brisbane healthcare professionals may not be able to handle certain cases since they do not have the necessary equipment. They might have to transfer you to a more equipped facility. It’s best to ask your doctor where to go or who to call for certain medical emergencies.


Dealing with a health emergency is stressful, but it becomes even harder when loved ones have to make critical decisions for family members because they didn’t have a will prepared. Many people fail to see the importance of wills in relation to what will happen to them if they are in a life-and-death situation. They don’t realise how helpful it would be if your Annerley family medical centre doctor knows who to call to get authorisation in proceeding with a high-risk operation when you are in an accident.

Preparing consent forms for each family member and writing a will can save everyone a lot of time and unnecessary anxiety and stress. Plus, it can help medical professionals to take action with more efficiency. On your next visit to your physician at your Annerley medical clinic, talk to your doctor about consent forms that you can prepare ahead of time. There may be different requirements and processes for those with children or relatives with special needs.

It also helps if you have easier access to healthcare services, so try to locate the nearest facilities to your home. For example, if you live in Brisbane, SmartClinics has several medical centres located in various suburbs such as the Annerley clinic. Preparing now allows you to respond quicker and more efficiently, thus saving time, resources, and most importantly lives. Click here https://www.smartclinics.com.au/location/annerley/ for more information.

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Promoting Sexual Health and Preventing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer has been known as one of the major causes of mortality in Australia for several years already. The treatment for skin cancer such as chemotherapy and radiation can be a reason for several sexual health issues or vice-versa. These reciprocating conditions make regular visits to a sexual health clinic Brisbane or Australia-wide necessary.

Also, regular Brisbane skin checks are also important to detect early symptoms of skin cancer (especially if you are at risk) and get a higher chance of survival. For more details about skin cancer and sexual health, visit your general practitioner in Australia or Brisbane-based General Practitioner Dr. Scott Allison.

STIs and STDs as Risk Factors for Skin Cancer

A case control study conducted by various researchers revealed that a cutaneous human papillomavirus (HPV) type is associated with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a type of skin cancer. Aside from overexposure to ultraviolet rays, being fair, blue-eyed, and genetics composition, HPV can also be another risk for skin cancer.

Weakened Immune System due to STD can lead to Skin Cancer

Aside from the HPV infection itself, another risk to having skin cancer is a compromised immune system due to other serious sexual infections and diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Taking immunosuppressant drugs is another risk to note. So if you think you have early symptoms, visiting a sexual health clinic Brisbane based or a GP is a must. Check it out at Dr Scott Allison

Preventing an STD and Promoting Sexual Health

So, before you can contract an STD, you need to follow the maxim “prevention is better than cure”. Follow some of these helpful measures to keep yourself from the disease.

  • Use protective condoms when having sex. Make sure that you use them properly for extreme effectivity.
  • Never share personal things that may become a medium to contract STDs from bodily fluids; e.g. towels, underpants
  • Get help if you are a drug or alcohol addict as it can lead you to having unsafe sex.
  • Get vaccinated against HPV.
  • Abstain from oral or anal sex.

Skin Cancer Treatment can greatly Affect Sexual Health

Brisbane and other parts of Australia are known to have the major cases of skin cancer caused by different factors, and whilst sexual health issues (as mentioned earlier) can be one factor to develop skin cancer, the treatments for skin cancer especially chemotherapy and radiation therapy can specifically affect the sexual organs and hormonal system of the body as well. This then can lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness and irritation, and loss of sexual arousal.

Because of this fact, you must have regular visits to skin checks Brisbane clinics and providers to ensure that you are not contacting the serious chronic disease. A Brisbane melanoma doctor can also give you some preventive measures to avoid skin cancer as much as possible.

Prevent Skin Cancer

Aside from visiting a sexual health clinic Brisbane has today, you must also take care of your skin to prevent skin cancer and to avoid the detrimental effects of its treatment to your sexual health. This includes protecting yourself from the extreme heat of the sun which can cause sunburn, applying sun creams that meet Australian standards, wearing protective clothing that covers most of your skin, and by not staying under the sun for too long and between 10:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon.